04 Best Tips And Home Remedies To Stop Hair Falling In Dogs

1) Apply Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the oldest home remedy that people have been using for many, many years.So what makes it such a great 
thing to apply to your dog’s skin & hair?Apple cider vinegar’s acidic nature makes it a natural anti-fungal & anti-bacterial.

That means you can apply it to any irritated skin to help clean out any of the bad stuff.You can either dab it on your dog’s ski, or try adding some to their bath and use it to refresh their skin all over their body.

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2) Brush Your Dog’s Hair Regularly


  Using a brush on your dog can do wonders for their hair. The reason is pretty simple, Your dog  skin has natural oils on it which help to keep the dog skin moisturized and protected. But that oil does not always manage to make its way onto the coat.

Brushing your dog helps to distribute those natural skin oils all over the fur, keeping your dog’s hair looking healthier and shinier.This tip really works , but you usually have to do it on a regular basis to get the benefit.

3) Try Humidifier

Try humidifier on dog’s bed. The most common reason of dog hair falling is skin dryness. The humidifier will moisturize air and atmosphere to protect dog skin and hairs from dryness . Skin dryness sometimes create itching for dogs which can be worse and create other skin diseases.

4) Use Olive Oil

 Olive oil is one of the best natural skin moisturizer. As use of olive oil is best for human, same like use of olive oil by applying on dog is also works best. Olive oil maintain softness of skin in dogs protects from dryness and hair falling in dogs. Simply apply some amount of olive oil on hair falling patches on dog skin . In mean time protect dog to sit on earth or any other dusty place until olive oil absorb in dog skin.