Aggression in Dogs, Reasons And Solutions

It may be a very intimidating experience when a typically friendly dog suddenly becomes aggressive , growling , lunging, or husking its teeth. In some cases the dog could bite or attack you or a loved one. It is aware of well and has never acted against before.

It may be troublesome to grasp what to try and do once your dog shows these signs of hostile behavior. Since dog aggression will get out of hand and lead to injuries to dogs or individuals. It is extremely vital and important to search out the cause thus you will be able to facilitate your dog overcome the aggression.

Why Do Dogs Show Aggression

 Fear Factors

A fearful dog will become aggressive mostly . Most dogs slowly show aggressive behavior if they sense they are in peril , area unit unable to flee and want to defend themselves. It could occur if a dog is backed into a corner with no solution or if it thinks the hand you raised over its head means that you are going to hit him.

If your dog is a rescue dog that shows aggressive or fearful behavior over is traditional, the likelihood is that it is going to being abused. Any info you will be able to get from the shelter wherever you adopted the dog may assist you to confirm the most effective thanks to handling true.

Sometimes rescue dogs would like obedience coaching with a coach. UN agency makes a specialty of teaching dogs that are abused , and different times you will be ready to manage your dog’s concern with patient care. Do speak to an MD concerning the most effective course of action.To avoid this kind of aggressive behavior, approach unknown dogs fastidiously . Train and socialize your dog to assist forestall concern down the road.


Possessive aggression , or resource guarding happens once a dog is possessive of food, a toy ,  bed , your yard or another object important. A dog that shows Possessive aggression could growl if somebody approaches its food bowl or gets shut once its chewing a favorite toy.

A dog may additionally bite an unknown UN agency steps into your home that is that the dog’s territory.
The level of aggression could vary from one dog to a different and between objects. for example, your dog won’t care if you sit down and pet it whereas its chewing a rubber toy but  going to flip and bite off you once you do constant issue whereas it’s chewing a pig’s ear. It all depends on the worth that the dog attributes to every object or resource.


  Injury and Illness

Some medical conditions will cause dogs to become aggressive in behavior. If a dog that has never shown any sign of aggression suddenly begins growling, snapping  or biting, it is going to be caused by an illness or unhealthiness.

Pain is associate degree particularly common reason behind aggression in dogs. Your suddenly aggressive dog could have associate degree injury or associate degree unhealthiness that is inflicting major discomfort to him. Some potential causes of pain embrace inflammatory disease , bone fractures , internal injuries , varied tumors and lacerations.

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Other sicknesses could have an effect on your dog’s brain, resulting in ostensibly unreasonable aggression. Brain diseases or tumors , thyroid illness  and zoophytic disease area unit simply many sicknesses which will provoke the onset of aggression.

If your dog is showing explosive , unexplained aggression see your MD before trying to deal with the behavior.

You may need to do giving your dog medication if you sense it is in pain or suffering. Do not try this If your dog is sick you will need to grasp what specifically is wrong with it before you start any treatment. Do not attempt to take matters into your own hands till you recognize what you are coping with.


Aggression that is caused by frustration is commonly stated as redirected aggression or barrier frustration. It happens once a dog is pissed off at not having the ability to urge to one thing and takes its frustration to go in in a different way. This kind of aggression is commonly seen in dogs that pay plenty of your time bound restrained on a leash or behind a chain-link fence.

For example a dog that is in chains in yard could pay the day straining to urge to a dog that lives across the road or in an adjacent yard. The restrained dog typically barks and growls additional ferociously because the frustration grows. once the owner approaches the dog could send its frustration and bite the owner.

Be careful to not misinterpret your dog’s aggression. forever rule out a health issue or concern before you assume you recognize the rationale for your dog’s aggressive behavior. Otherwise attempts at corrective measures may truly build the matter worse.