Cat Constipation Causes – Symptoms and Prevention Tips

Are you concerning about cat constipation causes? Constipation in cats is a common problem. Like you, your constipated cat will have trouble having a bowel action. This condition is very common in aged cats. However, cats of any age can have constipation  problem. So, what exactly cat constipation causes?

Cat Constipation Causes

There are a lot of cat constipation causes. Cat constipation can be caused by a range of factors, even though it can occur naturally for no apparent reason. Dehydration is one of the major leading cat constipation causes, your cat can have trouble having a bowel movement. The deficiency of water will result in hardened stool which will be more difficult to pass.

Diet is One of the another cat constipation causes. Eating hair, bones, fatty or salty foods can be cat constipation causes. Other common cat constipation causes include diseases, anal infections, and lack of exercise.

Here’s a list of several possible cat constipation causes.


o A diet that is unhealthy and unbalanced or  (This often the cause)

o Dirty litter box. (Always make sure to clean the litter box out at regular basis

o Dehydration. (Always arrange fresh water available and monitor how much cat is drinking.

o An external object of some type that is caught in the intestines.

o A noticeable change in their daily routine.

o Change in eating routine, as not eating  or eating very little.

o Tumors

o Change in grooming  such as increase grooming habits.


Some of the indication you can see for are:


  • o The coat (fur) may look different. Out of condition, unkempt.

  • o Cat may seem very lethargic.

  • o Straining or crying while trying to clean in the litter box.

  • o No stools for more than one day.

  • o Some amount of stools that are very hard.

  • o Stools may have blood stains  could be caused by a broken capillary.


If your cat is infected by cat constipation, you will notice him spend more time in his litter box than usual. Your cat may having a hard time getting stool to pass. Sometimes, the  may have a small amount of blood.

Cats having constipation problem usually have an upset stomach too, so they will be less likely to eat as much. Some cats show decreased activity levels.


After knowing cat constipation causes, you must follow prevention tips according to cat constipation causes. There are many common things you can do to prevent cat constipation. So, you should groom your cat regularly to limit the amount of hair cat may swallow.

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You should also ensure that your cat’s litter box is clean at all times. Cats hate dirty litter boxes, so they may not like to use them.

Cat Constipation Treatment

Here are some steps that you should follow to keep cat in good digestive system.

Provide Clean Water

Ensure that your cat has access to clean water always. It is best if water would be filtered instead of chlorinated tap water.

Quality Foods

Feed your cat on a quality balanced diet, high in as many raw foods as possible. When cat isn’t eating raw food, choose a premium quality manufactured foods for cat. Remember that there is significant moisture in packed cat food. Dry food feeding means extra water consumption is even more important. Avoid cheap, processed cat food.


Exercise helps bowel motility. All that moves and walking around helps the food travel through the gut. Inactive and lazy cats will suffer more from constipation problem.


Fiber, herbal home remedies and tissue salts will promote healthy bowel functioning to reduce cat Constipation problem .

Keep an eye on your cat’s bowel movements. This is especially important after a course of antibiotic medicine or for homely pet cats. Poor digestive health can usually be prevented with a healthy diet and sufficient exercise. When that is insufficient, try digestive supplements in your home treatment. Cat constipation can be cured by probiotics, fiber, herbal remedies and tissue salts that will promote bowel health.