How To Prevent Your Cats From Hugging Each Other | cat fight

When cat fighting stops rather than growling and cuffing rather than drawing blood, you can probably solve the problem yourself. However, if your cats are facing bloody battles with death, you must separate them first. Next is to see your vet.

Start a “cat fight” diary. In a few days, record the details of any aggressive encounter, notice when each started, which cat initiated the argument, and what happened. This entry is useful when you try to restore peace.

Take both cats to the vet and arrange neutering or spaying if this has not already been done. Despite all the other problems, such as spraying and unwanted kittens, intact cats fight much more often.

If the cats are fixed and have been together for some time and one has just started to show aggressive behavior, take him to the vet. Sudden aggression could be a sign of an underlying health problem.

Give both cats the same amount of attention and petting. If you lift one, stand up and lift the other as well. Do not demonstrate cuddling in front of you to try to do something, for example if the other growled. It will only encourage jealousy.

Separate cats at a time when they are most prone to fighting. It is often at the time of feeding that the cats feel defensive. In this case, feed the cats in separate rooms and leave them separate for about half an hour after eating.

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Provide at least one tray for each cat, if they are domestic cats. Sharing litter can be stressful, especially if one wants to go while the other is in the job.

Smash all the real fights by making a loud sound or, if necessary, spraying cats with cold water. Keep them in separate rooms until they calm down.

If aggression persists, consult an animal behaviorist or your veterinarian. It is possible that you will solve the problem, but if this is not the case, it may be necessary to return one of the cats.

This is another time when a fighting diary for cats becomes useful, both for animal behaviorists and for deciding whether one or both cats must live in single-cat households.

Items you will need

  • Notepad and pen

  • Pet carriers

  • Garbage cans

  • Water gun or squeezed bottle

warning | cat fight

Never punish a single cat for showing aggression. It is cruel and only deepens the cat’s feelings of anxiety or defensiveness, making the problem worse.