Cat Scratching Solutions, How To Stop Your Cat Scratching

For a cat, scratching may be a normal, natural and necessary act. Besides keeping her claws in top shape, the stretching involved during a good scratch keeps her upper body strong and loose.

Also, whenever a cat scratches a surface, scent glands between her toes leave her signature smell for others to seek out . during this way, she marks her territory, albeit that happens to be in your front room.

Just because a cat must scratch doesn’t suggest she must destroy your furniture. Redirecting a cat’s scratching to an appropriate object simply requires patience, flexibility and time. to stay your cat from grooming her claws on your couch, you want to give her some furniture of her own.

Scratching posts are available a good sort of sizes and textures. If your cat doesn’t use the scratching post you’ve got purchased, observe what she does scratch.

Most cats have a preference on the feel they scratch on. Experts discourage providing carpet-covered posts, especially if you’ve got carpeting in your house. Your cat won’t understand the difference between the carpet on the scratching post which on the ground . They both feel good to her.

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Some cats wish to extend their entire bodies once they stretch to scratch. Others just work their shoulder muscles. If your cat is one among the previous , you will need to supply a tall, sturdy scratching surface.

regardless of what height your cat likes to use, make certain the scratching surface is stable. If your cat begins scratching and therefore the post or board falls, it’ll frighten her and she or he will likely not use it again.

Another important factor to think about when providing scratching surfaces is their location. If you watch your cat, you’ll notice she is going to tend to seem for a scratching spot wherever you spend tons of your time .

that’s why numerous cats ruin their owner’s lounge chair or couch. She is marking your spot as a part of her territory, claiming ownership over you only just in case another cat comes in and gets the incorrect idea. Placing a scratching post beside your favorite relaxing place will let her do her job without annoying you.

Remember, too, that your entire house is her territory. For that reason, it’s an honest idea to put scratching surfaces throughout the house, in places where you tend to linger. Bedrooms, kitchens, home offices are all places that are important to your cat because that’s where you’re likely to be.

If your cat persists in scratching furniture rather than the acceptable surface, you’ll need to retrain her. once you catch her close to scratch inappropriately, say “no” during a loud voice. Pick  and carry cat to her scratching surface.

Some experts suggest gently taking her paw and simulating scratching to offer her the proper idea. If your cat only attacks the furniture once you are out of sight, it’d be best to confine her to at least one room once you can’t supervise her. make certain to place food, water, a litter box and, of course, a scratching surface within the room together with her .

Once she seems to possess gotten the hang of only using her scratching posts, she will have free run of the house again.