Cats With Hair Loss, Causes, Symptoms And Treatment For Cat Hair Loss

Cat hair loss is also called  alopecia in cats . Cats hair loss can be partial or complete hair loss. Cat hair loss is very common problem in cats. Skin around hair loss can be normal, red , rough, itchy according to cat hair loss reason.

Cat hair loss damage cat beauty and if its itchy, or any other skin problem, can make cat uncomfortable. For the treat of cat hair loss, the first thing is to identify the main reason of cat hair loss. Treatment for cat hair loss is also according to reason of hair loss.

Cat Hair Loss Reasons

Skin Infections :

Hair loss in cat can be due to skin infections, ring worms, wounds etc. If cat skin is damaged, virus or fungal attack can the reason of hair loss in cat.


Fleas in cats are very common and need to be treated at time, If you ignore to treat your cat’s fleas, Hair loss in cat can start as a result.

Skin Allergies

Some cats have skin allergies. Skin allergies can be due to various reasons like season, dry or wet atmosphere. This is one of the most common reason of hair loss in cat.

Low Quality Hair Products

If you use low quality hair products like shampoos for your cat, many chances cat hair loss start if these products not suit to your cat.

Poor Diet Plan

Low energy or low quality food which you provide cat, make cat weak. Low quality or low energy food also effects on cat skin and cat hair loss start.

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Health Issues If your cat have health issue, any disease for long period and you use medicine for long period, cat hair loss can start due to heavy medicine or illness effects.


Cat is a very sensitive pet and feel stress if atmosphere is not according to her liking, like bed, playing area, toys or if you adopt new cat, at new place, cat feel stress and its effect on her skin which can be the reason of cat hair loss.

Hormonal Changes

As cat age passes, hormonal changes like human is also a natural process in cats. Hormonal changes can be the reason of hair loss in cat in some cases.

Cat Hair Loss Symptoms


  • Complete hair Loss

  • Partial Hair Loss

  • Hair stuck During Combing

  • Hairs Spread On Cat’s Bed

  • Hairs Are Very Weak (even start falling when you touch cat)


Cat Hair Loss Treatment

Cat hair loss can be due to various reasons as i mentioned above. You should visit Vet clinic for cat hair loss treatment. Vet will examine cat hair loss reason with some tests and suggest treatments for cat hair loss according to hair loss reason.

If cat hair loss is due to skin problem, Vet will suggest medicine, lotions and if due to stress refer your cat to CAT BEHAVIOR EXPERT for instructions.