Dog Training To Socialize With Other Dogs – Dog Training Tips

As humans some times we meet people whom we do not like but as part of society and being super nature we learn how to go to get together and be social with each other. The same can be said when it comes to training your dog to get along with other dogs.
Even as an only dog in a house,your dog will often have to interact with other dogs when you visit the vet,go out for walk or if they want to enjoy dog parks or other fun pet  events,your dog must be social and calm to enjoy all this. Training  your dog  to be social is very important.

Training your dog to get along with other dogs  depend upon their personality and the level of interaction.If you are  bringing an additional dog into the house,your pet will need to learn  how to share their space,toys,time with other dogs. 


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Each of these training skills will involve gradually introducing your dog to other dogs and building positive associations with the experience of being around each others.

Here are some of very helpful and useful training skills are discuss as under.

Distance and treat

Dog Training To Socialize With Other Dogs - Dog Training Tips

Distance and treat method is first step for training your dog to get socialize along with other dogs. If you do not have another dogs at home then start taking your dog out and sitting on bench or in the cross way well away from a path where  others dogs frequently walk. Every time a dog came into his view immediately treat your dog by giving his favorite food to restrain him not to get aggressive and praise your dog by your hands.

Parallel Walking

Dog Training Tips

After several session of getting close when you realize that on getting closer to other dogs your dogs do not get aggressive then start giving your dog a parallel walk.Your dog should be able to see the other dog, but not touch or interact.

For parallel walking 15 to 20 feet is a good distance.With other dogs,walk parallel to the path, well away from other dogs. you should focus and Try to keep your dog attention towards the treat and praises for good behavior and calm walking. Keep your dog at far enough distance  that they are not able to touch or interact with other dogs.

Walk Off Energy 

Start  playing and walking with your dog to walk off his energy. Many dogs with calm behavior will often become nervous around others with higher level of  energy.Working off some of their excess energy which will lead to calmer interactions between pups.

Meet And Greet

After some time ask another dog owner but make sure with a calm and  friendly appearing dog to get close to your dogs and let your dog say hello. But try to keep the first  greetings short.Give your dog a treat and praise after showing calm behavior. Repeat the positive introductions with multiple dogs of different sizes,different breed and energy levels.

Gradually Get Close

After giving several session of distance and treat start getting closer.slowly decrease the distance between your dog and other dogs comes in your dogs way and the path.Try to keep some feet away from other dogs so they could not touch or interact each other. Every time treat and praise him on seeing other dog and react calmly.

Repeat multiple scenarios 

Repeat this training tips in multiple scenario including with other dogs around, to help get your dog used to giving up and sharing their toys. The idea is to train your dog that when they release a toy they will receive a reward and positive reinforcement of their good behavior.

Prepping the toy

Dog Training To Socialize With Other Dogs

Start out by making your dog excited by his  favorite toy. Playing a game of tug and otherwise let your dog enjoy the toy. The idea is best to make the toy valuable to your dog so that they would not willingly want to give it up for nothing.Always take a treat in your hand and show your dog that it is there for him With your other hand grasp the toy. Move the treat near to your dog’s mouth and gently tug on the toy prompting your dog to drop it and take the treat.