Dogs Eye Discharge Infection Symptoms, Causes And Prevention Pet Parents Should Know

Eyes discharge is very common eye infection in dogs. Some discharges are harmless but some eye discharges are associated with serious health issues. The main thing for pet parents is to identify eye discharge that when they should consult for professional treatment.

Tars are good for health care because tears clean eyes, provide oxygen to eyes etc.Dogs feel uncomfortable in eye discharge infection.Dogs become lazy, response less and some time aggressive in eye discharge infection.

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Eyes discharge infection needs immediate treatment because some times dogs become blind or weak eye sight problem occur. In this article we will discuss eye discharge symptoms, causes and prevention from eye discharge.

Eye Discharge Infection Symptoms

Dogs eye discharge infection main symptoms are

1)Eye Redness


In eye discharge infection eyes of dog become red or some times yellow

2)Eye Swelling

Eye swelling is very common in eye discharge infection

3) Eye Blinking

Dog blink eyes continuously or remain close for long time in eye discharge infection.

4) Squinting

Eye squinting is also very common symptom in thick eye discharge.

5) Smelly Thick Discharge

 Smelly and thick eye discharge is symptom of serious eye infection in dogs.


6) Light Sensitivity

In eye discharge infection, god close eyes in light because dog feel irritation due to light.

Eye Discharge Infection  Causes

Eye Discharge Infection Main Causes are

  • Dust

  • Hairs around eye area

  • Viruses

  • Bacteria

  • Fungus

  • Irritation   (smoke, shampoo etc)

Eye Discharge Infection Prevention


  • Keep your dog clean

  • Avoid dog eyes from dust and pollution

  • Avoid from smoke

  • be careful when bathing dog with shampoo

  • Use dogs goggles.

  • Trim hairs around eye area