Ear Mites Infection In Cats, Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

Ear mite is very common problem in cats. If  cat is  scratching at her ears,  tilting and shaking her head and has excessive waxy  and brown material in her ear canal, she may have ear mites. This condition causes sever itching and irritation  and if not treated can lead to bacterial infection in cat.

Ear mites, also known by their scientific name Otodectes cynotis. Ear mites can be found in cats of any age but mostly in young cats. When a cat suffers in ear mites infection, she feel very uncomfortable. Cat don’t respond, not take interest in food, games and training.

Ear Mites Symptoms

Ear mites infected cats may show symptoms of ear canal  itching and irritation, pawing and scratching at their ears and shaking their head until they burst blood vessels and form a hematoma in their pinna. The ear canals are filled with a thick brown, reddish or black crusty and waxy discharge.

Causes Of Ear Mites In Cats


  • Ear Infections

  • Lack of proper ear cleaning

  • Contact with infected pets

  • Contact with infected places

  • Contact with infected bed

  • Contact with infected toys


Ear Mites Treatment

Ear mites in cats are treated by applying ear drops that contain a mite-killing chemical and cleaning the ears with a cotton ball regularly.

Topical eye drops suggested by vet- specialist  after examining cat ear discharge by microscope to identify stage of ear mites infection in at.

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You can Follow ear mites treatment in three steps:

1) Cleaning

The first step of ear mites treatment is to clean ear discharge. You can use ear cleaning drops for cleaning cat ear. If ear cleaning drops not available, you can use olive oil with cotton ball.


2) Diagnosing

Ear mites can be diagnose by vet by examining ear discharge by microscope. It is very important step because Vet can determine stage of ear mites infection.

3) Treatment

After examining ear mites infection and identifying stage of ear mites infection, vet will suggest medicine for cat ear mites infection. You have to follow vet instructions to solve ear mites infection in cat.