Feeding Hummingbirds By Hands, 08 techniques You Should Follow

These are 08 techniques I use to get our backyard hummingbirds to eat from my hand.

1. Make a hand feeder by removing the top part of a small hummingbird feeder & use only the base that has the perches & feeding holes. Fill this part with the nectar that is usually in the feeder.

2. Wear bright colors such as red or pink, as hummingbirds are most attracted to these colors (a flower print shirt will work well also).

3. Put all your hummingbird feeders inside and stand with your hand feeder in a spot where one of your regular feeders used to be (as they will be looking for their food in that spot already). Keep your hand as steady as possible & don’t make any sudden movements.


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4. Project happy, loving thoughts to the hummingbirds.

5. Be PATIENCE, It could take many days of trying before they will land on your hand feeder. Continue to try regular feeders.

6. Once they start  eating from your hand feeder & trusting you, try smiling & talking  to them.

7. Remember to always be kind & loving with the birds, as it is a great honor that they trust you & allow you to get that close to them.

8. Don’t be afraid to try new things like holding a real red or pink flower in your hand or pour some liquid nectar in your cupped hand & see if they respond and eat directly from your hand.