Healthy Diet For Your Parrot | Pet Birds Care Guide

Is your parrot only a seed  eater? Do you know  that wild seeds are only a small portion of the natural diet? While seeds are an important part of a pet parrot’s daily diet they should not comprise all of it.Patience, creativity and common sense will work  in improving your parrot‘s diet and overall health. 

Parrots are opportunistic omnivores which means they eat whatever they encounter in their day and like us eat from all the food groups veggies, fruits, grains and animal protein.

The seed based diets that have traditionally been fed to parrots are not representative of that parrots eat in the wild. Little is truly recognized about exactly what accommodates their every day diet however their herbal food plan does encompass an expansion of factors like seeds, nuts, end result, shoots, buds, corms and invertebrates insects, worms, and larvae.

Wild parrots have been observed eating dead fish that wash up from lakes and rivers. Because some of the plant material they eat also contains toxins. Parrots in  America flock to natural mineral beds regularly to feed on the clay and minerals available in order to detoxify their systems.

We know that a seed only diet generally cuts  pet’s potential lifespan in half as well as leading to deficiencies in vitamins, especially vitamin A, minerals, especially calcium and protein. They also too high in fat.

While formulated diets  are now becoming widely used, they also do not comprise a complete diet and can lead to health problems if used exclusively, especially with the kidneys and liver. Formulated diets were originally based on research done in the poultry industry, where the focus is on rapid growth and maximum size not longevity.

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While like seeds form an important part of a complete diet, they can not do it alone. What’s important for your parrot’s health and happiness is variety, balance, and moderation. Veggies, whole grains and some fruit should form the basis of a well fed parrot’s daily diet.

A wild parrot‘s job is to spend the day searching for food then working to access it. Nuts are a good example as getting to the nut meat involves removing not only the hard shell, but the fibrous outer husk as well. It’s important to give your parrot a job and make her have to work a little for her goodies as well. Having  peel veggies and open nuts helps offset boredom. Just be sure the veggies are organic and not contaminated with pesticides.