Hedgehog As Pet – 10 Reasons To Keep Hedgehog As Pet For Working Families

Hedgehogs are small mammals with cone shaped faces, short legs and bodies that are covered with quills. Despite their similar appearances to porcupine  hedgehogs are not closely related. Hedgehog quills are not easily detached from their bodies. Hedgehog quills are made from keratin, much like human nails and hairs. Hedgehog can have as many 6,000 quills on its body. 

Hedgehogs are solitary creatures that are big sleepers and can sleep up to 18 hours per day,They are also nocturnal which means they sleep during the day.They usually sleep to protect themselves from extreme climates in addition to just getting rest. 

Hedgehogs search for food at night. Hedgehogs have poor eyesight and rely on hearing and smell to find food. Hedgehogs have up to 44 sharp teeth.


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When in danger, the hedgehog rolls into a ball so that the quills cover the entire area of their exposed body and protects the animal from predators,Once they are in a ball, they must stay still.

Big confusion exist weather hedgehogs should be kept as pets or not because Wild animals should stay wild, but the answer is big “No” as once cats and dogs were also wild,but after been domesticated and training they have become the member of almost every family and human friendly, If you are considering adopting a hedgehog as pet , it is important to have complete knowledge well before going to adopt them.


Hedgehogs were named due to the way they eat,they root underneath hedges and other vegetation, make snorting like a hog. During this activity, they find meals of fruit, fungi, centipedes, insects, snails, worms, mice, frogs, eggs, birds, frogs, reptiles, roots and snakes. 


Hedgehogs only give birth once per year after a gestation of four to six weeks.The mother protects her piglets from predators ,Sometimes, if the nest is disturbed, the mother may even become the predator and will eat her young. At nine to 11 months they are fully mature and will live three to eight years in the wild or up to 10 years in captivity.


Hedgehogs can be found in Europe, Asia, Africa and New Zealand, including savannas, forests, deserts, scrublands and suburban gardens.

Hedgehog live in usually burrows and nests they build themselves. Hedgehog burrows can be up to 20 inches  deep, and nests are made from leaves, branches and other vegetation.

Sometimes, hedgehogs take over burrows that other animals have left behind or nestle between rocks.

Hedgehog As Pet

The most common species of domesticated hedgehog is the four toed hedgehog. The domesticated hedgehog kept as a pet is typically the African pygmy hedgehog. The African Pygmy Hedgehog is also referred to as a white bellied or four toed hedgehog .

Hedgehogs have gained popularity as pets in recent decades though their sleeping habit make them poor pet choices for those wants active pet during daytime hours but they are very good choice for working families who stay outside home whole day.

10 Reasons to Choose Hedgehog As Pet

Hedgehogs being small  are easy to take care of.

Hedgehogs love to play, and they are fun to watch.

Hedgehogs can be tamed, and become quite loving and social.

Hedgehogs  do not need Veterinary care is not a big factor unless you need to seek assistance in caring for your hedgehog.

Hedgehogs They don’t take up a lot of space.

Hedgehogs  You don’t have to walk or provide your hedgie with a lot of exercise.

Hedgehogs  like to sleep whole day and most of time spend laying so they won’t roam around your house. 

Hedgehogs  do not chew up you objects like clothes,shoes and your furniture like dogs do.

Hedgehogs temperament is delightful.

Hedgehogs  do not have allergy irritating danger like some other common household pets have.