Himalayan Cats

The Himalayan cat also known as ” Himmy “. The Himalayan cat is originally derived from cross-breeding of a Persian cat and Siamese cat. Persian cats are long haired and bred with Siamese cats for their markings thus resulting in color point long hair cats. The Himalayan cat also known as the color point Persian cat in Europe. 

Himalayan cats are a loyal and pleasant home pet. Grown-up Himalayan cats are sometimes referred as Himalayan kittens due to their sweet and delicate nature. they’re people oriented and like to spend most of their time with their owners. they are doing well with relations also as other pets and that they are inclined to life indoors.

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The body build of Himalayan cats is mentioned as “cobby.” this is often a term used for animals that have a stocky or stout body. Their broad chest, well toned muscles and their rounded appearances make them more beautiful. They have a full, round face with wide and round blue eyes. Their ears are small and rounded and that they have a well-developed chin.

The coats of Himalayan cats have a main color of white. the purpose colors appear on their tails, legs, feet, mask and ears. they’re recognized by their distinct point colors like blue, chocolate, cream, lilac, red, seal, mixes with tortie  example are lilac-cream, chocolate tortie and blue-cream, and tabby marked points or lynx .

Himalayan kittens require high maintenance or special care. they have to possess regular baths. Their fur or long hair needs daily grooming to stop matting and tangling. Himalayan kittens might fall ill thanks to exposure to chemical products applied to them during bathing. Upon bathing, use diluted soap or shampoo, and confirm to stay it out of the cat’s nose, mouth and eyes.