03 Healthy Organic Cat Food Recipes – Tips For Homemade Cat Food

Are you looking for Organic Cat Food Recipes? The first thing we must get into when discussing Organic Cat Food Recipes is that there are certain food items that we should never include in these tasty treats. A cat’s digestive system is set up very differently from ours, and they don’t cope well with many of the foods that we eat.

Organic Cat Food Recipes are wonderful because we have control over the ingredients, unlike store-bought cat treats, which have a lot of poor and even toxic ingredients. Your cat will not only love treats that you make, but they will also be a very healthy snack. Who could ask for more? It’s a win-win situation.

In this article, you will learn 03 Organic Cat Food Recipes and tips for homemade cat foods.

Important Tips in Creating Organic Cat Food Recipes

Keep in mind that it is important to prepare the right homemade cat food that contains all the required vitamins and minerals to be able to give the cat its needed nutrition. Here are some important tips that a responsible cat owner must have in mind in creating cat food.

Tip 1 –

 It is important to know that some ingredients must be avoided when creating cat food at home. Some of the foodstuffs that must never find their way into Organic Cat Food Recipes because of their known harmful effects on cats are the following: chocolates, onions, pork such as bacon, uncooked fish, uncooked eggs, milk, and bones. Your cat may find any of these above foods to be tempting, they should never be given to the cats to keep them safe and healthy.

Tip 2 –

 It is considering that a cat needs five times more protein than dogs do, NEVER give a cat dog food because it will never meet the cat’s nutritional needs. For this reason, vegetarian food will not work for a cat diet.

Tip 3 – 

Keeping in mind the danger that is associated with poisoning foods like eating tuna and mercury, it is important to limit the amount of tuna. It is best to get the proper guidelines that give information on how much quantity of tuna can be feed to a cat in a week.

Tip 4 –

Especially if the cat is already receiving supplements of vitamins, It is important to look for ingredients that contain vitamin A . Overdoses of this vitamin are very common in cats. Therefore, it is important to know that liver which is high in vitamin A should be feed in moderation. And it should not be feed to a cat if it is already receiving supplements of the vitamins.

Tip 5 –

 It is also important to look for ingredients that are high in protein. It is important to feed the cat a diet that is rich in meat but not in pork. It can be effortless to feed the cat because it is a carnivorous animal.

Tip 6 –

 Vets mostly recommend a cat diet that includes wet food. They also suggest that a cat is given food that is rich in protein, fat, and low in carbohydrates. This type of food will help manage its blood sugar levels and keep it away from diabetes, a severe illness of animals.

Tip 7 – 

Organic Cat Food Recipes can combine dry, commercial cat food with meat, cooked eggs, milk that has no lactose, and some flavorings. In this way, the cat is going to get used to eating a diet that is prepared at home.

03 Healthy Organic Cat Food Recipes 

Raw organic cat foods are easily available, but they can be costly, so most raw food enthusiasts choose to make their own by following easy and healthy Organic Cat Food Recipes.

Meat Treat

Cats love to eat red meat, so the first ingredient in any make-your-own cat food treat is going to be red meat, usually beef, however, lamb is also good, chicken is fine, and let’s not forget organ meats. Remember, it’s natural for cats to eat organ meats in the wild, so it’s also natural for them to eat in your home as well, even if they make you a little queasy.

The basics of making these treats are to gather up your ingredients, your meat, a little healthy oil (perhaps sunflower seed or almond oil, even olive oil), a very tiny amount of vegetables  (carrots and celery work well), and lastly a little spicy ingredient, probably garlic powder and some nutritional yeast flakes for the B vitamin content.

Now, make your little patties with your hands, obviously make them into smaller patties than you would for any human guests, nice and bite-sized is perfect.

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Lastly, and this is up to you, you can pop the treats into the oven and cook them (350 degrees for 45 minutes) or serve them to your cat as natural.

Many cat owners believe that organic cat food recipes should be served raw to keep the vitamins, and minerals intact, that help your cat in digesting raw meat. Either way, you’re doing your cat an excellent service.

Canadian Cat Relish


  • 1 lb liver

  • 1 lb white fish

  • 1 cup dry cat food

  • 1/2 cup tomato juice

  • 1 tsp cod liver oil


Take the liver and whitefish and gently simmer in water until it is cooked. In a separate bowl soak the dry cat food in half a cup of tomato juice.

Drain the liver and fish, retaining the water, and permit it to chill slightly. Once it’s cooled, then it’s important to get rid of any bones. Place all of the ingredients into a kitchen appliance with one teaspoon of cod liver oil and blend employing a metal blade.

If the mixture appears to be thick, then you’ll add a number of the retained juices to realize the perfect consistency for your cat.

 Sardine Heaven


  • One can sardine in oil.

  • Liver

  • 2/3 cup of cooked rice

  • parsley and turmeric



Depending on whether your cat likes raw meat or prefers it to be cooked entirely determines how you prepare this recipe. If your cat prefers cooked meat, then you can place all of the ingredients in a pan and boil until thoroughly cooked. This needs to be placed in the refrigerator and served to the cat in portions.

Go on, prepare a cat food recipe today and make your feline’s day.