How to choose the best animal feed?

Choosing the best animal feed for your pet can seem like a difficult problem. However, it is almost always a simple process in which it is enough to use common sense and a few simple rules. First of all, let’s remember that there is no such thing as “the best food for all animals”. Every animal is a living creature, completely unique, and so it is necessary to treat it.

1. Pay attention to marketing concepts

Skip the terms “premium”, “super premium” or “ultra premium” – they mean nothing and are used even by the lowest quality brands. Producers also often mislead consumers by stating the raw meat content, which is approx. one third higher than in the actual product for extruded granules.

Almost everyone does this, and it is a massively widespread unfair practice that deliberately misleads consumers. Nice packaging and name also mean nothing, even the most popular products at first glance can be full of waste and can harm your pet.

2. Beware of “consumer reviews”

You can find a lot of user reviews on the Internet that look like friendly advice from other consumers. It is well known that large producers of lower quality brands hire part-time workers who compile rave reviews and place them on e-shops for their products. Of course, there is no way to prove this unfair practice, but it is known and a public secret in the field.

3. Carefully select counseling sites

There are a number of websites on the Internet that look like independent advice on the quality of animal feed. And although many of them are intended as a truly serious attempt to help consumers, it is known that many of them are behind large manufacturers who, in this seemingly “independent” form, try to influence public opinion in their favor.

If such a website is intended as real help and advice to consumers, it should clearly state in a visible place that none of its authors have any direct or indirect commercial connection with any feed manufacturer or distributor.


4. Independent evaluation of feed on Petscarefamily

The only purpose of the independent evaluation of feeds on Petscarefamily is to help consumers with orientation during shopping. Aware that there is no such thing as “the best feed for all animals”, we compare only some basic common quality parameters that can be traced to all feeds and thus provide consumers with a better overview and orientation between products.

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Each product falling into the category of feed in our country will automatically receive a simple rating in color resolution (from dark red to dark green) with a quality category (from lowest to highest) and a percentage rating (zero percent is the worst and one hundred percent the best rating).


The Petscarefamily evaluation algorithm is “live”, ie. that it is constantly adapting to new scientific knowledge and studies . At the same time, we continuously validate its form with the entire value chain, ie feed manufacturers, distributors and consumers.

We take each of your suggestions seriously and re-validate them repeatedly and, if necessary, revise the final form of the evaluation so that it is as objective as possible.

The evaluation of the quality of animal feed on Petscarefamily is 100% independent – none of its authors is in any direct or indirect business relationship with any feed manufacturer or distributor.

Petscarefamily’s independent evaluation is fully automated, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, which has read and entered hundreds of thousands of product data and now perfectly understands the detailed composition of products , meat content , processing and analysis of pet products that are the main qualitative parameters of the evaluation, making up more than two thirds of the total weight of the evaluation of the product.

Additional data with a weight in percentage units are a bonus for the accuracy of the composition , a penalty for stating the fresh meat content (for extruded granules), the classification of additives , the country of origin and a penalty for palm oil .


We are now also preparing a new classification of ingredients according to the NOVA Code , an independent laboratory test of composition and transparency of production , which will help to further improve and refine the final evaluation of products.

Do you have a question, comment or suggestion for improvement about the current form of evaluation on Petscarefamily? We will be very happy if you contact us  – we will take every constructive topic seriously and let you know how we handled it.