How To Clean Your Cat, 06 Best Tips To make Your Cat Clean And healthy

Cats are clean animals naturally and like cleanliness. According to place where they live, house, bed, playing lawn, they need cleaning once in a week regularly.

A clean pet attract everyone. You should clean your cat once in a week and if need, clean twice weekly. Cleaning cat is an art because cats are very sensitive animals.When you clean cats, you make them to feel how you care of them, that make cats more close and loving to you.

If you want to make your cat clean and want to care of her you have to follow some instructions which are below.

1)How To Clean Cat’s Body

For cleaning cat’s body , hold cat firmly but remember not very firmly because cats body is very gentle and soft. When you hold cat very hard, cat will not feel comfortable and not response you. If you make cat body cleaning procedure paining, cat will run off when you want to clean cat body.

Start clean from less sensitive parts like back and end with sensitive parts like tail and gentle areas. Check for contamination of the back side of the cat body and If necessary, clean it with wet cotton balls.

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Do the same thing between the fingers If cats are clogged with wet droppings, clean the cats frequently in the spring and fall periods when hair falls to avoid hair balls and excessive falls.

2) How To Clean Cat’s Eyes

Cats  often have tear spots on the inner corners of their eyes because liquids do not drain properly from the tear ducts. You should wipe and clean the stains with a cotton ball dipped in water or baby oil by using a different cotton ball for each eye. Remember do not touch the eyeball itself , clean using a cotton ball or other napkin .

3) How To Clean Cat’s Ears

If you ignore cleaning cat’s ears, ear mites infection can be occur, so try to clean cat ears once in a week. Use cotton ball, or cat ear cleaning drops which are available on stores. Remember, don’t use cotton swab because it can damage cat ears skin because cat ears skin is very sensitive.

4) How To Clean Cat’s Teeth


Regular cleaning of cat’s teeth will prevent tartar buildup in teeth and let you check for any dental problems such as gingivitis or exotic lumps and you should use toothbrushes and toothpastes made specifically for cats.

5) How To Trim Cat’s Nails

Cats often do not pull their nails internally at home  so if necessary you should buy clippers in the form of a guillotine and be careful not to cut the claw blood vessel which appears as a thin red strip inside the claws.

6) How To Comb Cat’s Hairs


Long Hairs Cats

Cats with long and semi long hair need several pieces of equipment including a wide toothbrush to get rid of tangles, a finer brush or comb to the back of the body and a toothbrush not used for sensitive facial areas, Scissors should have rounded ends to avoid injury if cats move suddenly.

 Short Hair Cats

Short hair cats require the use of a basic rough hair brush as well as a cloth such as chamois , velvet or silk to polish fur after the brush. Unique coats such as Devon Rex and Rex Cornish cats need extra care with a soft brush.