How To Keep Your Dog Happy, 10 Best Relationship Tips You Should Follow

A happy dog can be a good friend. Dog’s health, behavior depends upon atmosphere you provide Because there are many reasons which make dog ill or aggressive. Dog training also depends upon it that how much your dog is happy and satisfied.

If you want your dog become your goo fried, you have to make dog happy. Today I will tell you 10 best tips to keep your dog happy.

1)  Play Games With Dog

 If you want to keep your dog happy, play different games with dog. Dogs like playing hide and seek games, playing with balls etc. Give proper time to dog when playing. This will make dog very happy and dog will become your friend.

2) Bring Your Dog For Outing

If you want to keep your dog happy, make outings at daily basis. Choose parks or lakes for outing with dog. Open air and natural atmosphere effect dog behavior very much. It also effect on dog health.

3) Make Swimming Arrangements

Dogs like to swim very much. If you want to keep your dog happy then make swimming arrangements for your dog. Swimming not only make dog happy but also make your dog clean and fresh. You can choose open or indoor dog swimming pools.


4) Let Dog Sniffing When Walking

Sniffing is dog’s nature. When you bring your dog for walk or out let dog sniffing. Dog sniff and find things according to its nature. Dogs try to eat grass or soil when they feel digestive system problems. Its dog nature and its also very effective.


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5) Do A Good Massage Weekly

DO a good massage weekly to dog for its body health and growth. Dogs feel relax after massage and its effect on their behavior.  When dog feel relax he or she feel happy.

6) Make Special Treats For Dog

Just try to find which food your dog like. make special treat of this food for dog  one or two times in a week. Dog will feel importance for itself and that thing make dog happy.

7) Arrange Meetup With Other Dogs

Dogs feel loneliness when they are living in human beings. Make your dog meetup with other dogs once in a week make your dog very happy. 

8) Rotate Dog Toys

Dogs fed up by using same toys for many time. Change dogs toys at weekly basis. You can rotate toys. It will effect on dog and make dog happy.

 9) Appreciate Dog Work

Appreciate dog work or play when you are playing or giving your  dog training of different things. Appreciation make your dog happy very much and  dog will do better work and learn very fast.

10) Arrange Chewing Toys For Dog

Chewing things id dog;s nature. Dogs try to chew every hard thing which they found.  Dogs mostly like to chew bones. You can bring good quality bone toys for your dog. Chewing arrangements make your dog happy.