How To Potty Train Your Dog In A Week, 6 Simple Potty Training Tips For Dogs

If you adhere to the subsequent potty training tips for dogs, you’ll know how to potty train your dog within a week or less!

 Remember, when housebreaking your dog, roll in the hay amorously and patience.

6 Potty Training Tips for Dogs

1)  Once you house train your dog, use a delegated toilet area, for instance a tiled floor otherwise you can lay polythene sheets, covered with newspaper on top of the carpet. attempt to limit all play to the present area.

2)  Once you begin house training your dog, follow a schedule for eating and potty time. By feeding your puppy at an equivalent time a day , as this may give your dog a way of structure. If you feed your dog then take him out for a walk at a group time after eating, they’re going to learn to expect it. this may help them learn to travel to eliminate after eating.

3)  Reward your dog with a treat. Give your dog a treat after they are doing their business. By using rewards for positive behavior you’ll establish happiness with good behavior.

4)  If you catch it within the middle of the act, you’ll say “no”, and quickly lead your dog to the specified toilet area before it finishes doing its business.


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5) When toilet training your puppy or dog, don’t hit him when he has an accident. Tell your dog that he did wrong then still reward positive behavior. If you hit your dog or rub their nose in their mess, this may cause them to fear you and will create more behavioral problems.

6)  Confirm to wash up the mess. Most household cleaners contain Ammonia and this is often an equivalent ingredient in urine which arouses a dog’s instinct to scent

After reading these potty training tips for dogs, it is clear that puppy or adult dog house training requires patience and dedication, which can only help strengthen the relationship between you and your dog.