How To Spend An Adult Dog | Items you will need

An adult dog that urinates when he is excited or has an accident, when he is expected to “hold” him for nine hours, does not need home training, needs a walker with a dog or a trainer. However, if you adopted your dog from a shelter or rescue team, it is possible that this is his first experience of living indoors, so home training has become a completely new concept.

Restrict your dog’s access to the kitchen and laundry. This will allow you to monitor his behavior. Tile or linoleum floors also make it easier to clean up its accidents. Once he becomes trained, you will slowly expand his access to parts of the house.

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Hang it on the back handle of the bell and gently touch your dog’s nose every time you take him outside. Finally, he connects to putting on the bell and pulls it out and taps the bell whenever he needs relief. Some dogs inform you that they have to go out by whining or barking, but a dog whose background involves abuse or poor socialization often does not know how to communicate its needs to people.

Praise and reward your dog every time he urinates or defecates outside. Indulge him every time he does business and praise him. In this case, a simple “good boy” will not do it. Effective praise is enthusiastic and rich, complemented by a high “childish voice” that tells your dog that he has done something amazing and worth repeating.

Take your dog out whenever warning signs of elimination appear. These indicators include twisting, sniffing and stimulation. When you see him doing any of these things, drop what you’re doing and take him out immediately.

Stop your dog whenever you catch him urinating or emptying the interior, clapping your hands and calmly going out to finish his work. Repeat step 3 until he is outside, even if he has had a partial accident in the house.

Place the dog in a box for 20 minutes after each meal. Dogs prefer to keep their living space clean. This makes him less likely to get dirty in his box. The crate must be large enough to stand comfortably and lie down. After 20 minutes, remove it and take it out. Slowly increase the time he spends in the crate by 20 minutes every few days until he begins to respond to training methods.

Items you will need

  • A string of bells
  • Treats
  • Crate
  • Enzymatic cleaner


Clean all accidents in the house with an enzymatic cleaner. Only a product with enzymatic cleaners can actually break down odor-causing compounds that encourage your dog to re-mark his territory.


  • Medical complications are a key reason why otherwise adult dogs with home training would start to have an accident at home or do not seem to respond to the above training. Before starting home training, rule out the possibility of a medical illness by taking it to a veterinarian.


  • – Although home training is frustrating, scolding or beating your dog when he has an accident, it does not teach him to go out, teach him to relax behind a sofa or in another part of the house where you cannot see him. Punishing him for an accident he had a few hours or even minutes ago is a complete waste of time and will defeat his progress.