Lyme Disease in Dogs Cure – Symptoms and Prevention

Are you searching for lyme disease in dogs cure? Lyme is a disease that is transmitted to dogs through  tick’s bite. Ticks are one of the most common livings that transfer diseases to dogs around the World.

They can transmit a number of infections, Lyme disease being one of the most common. When a dog is infected with  lyme disease, their joints become inflamed due to bacteria leading to several other symptoms. Any age dog can be affected by Lyme disease, however, it is more common in young age dogs.

 In this article you will learn about lyme disease in dogs cure  Symptoms and Prevention tips.

What is Lyme Disease in dogs?

Before you learn lyme disease in dogs cure, you must know What is Lyme Disease in dogs? Lyme Disease is ultimately referred to different types of bacteria that is transmitted by ticks. In order to transmit the disease, the tick must feed on the dog for at least twenty- four hours.

Can you imagine anything biting you for that long? Think about it. We as humans get annoyed by flies and mosquito, mosquito are one of the harmful creatures because they can transmit malaria, which can kill you if you don’t take immediate action.

Symptoms of the Lyme Disease in Dogs :

For lyme disease in dogs cure, you must know the symptoms. Most common symptoms are

  • Recurrent lameness of the limbs or acute lameness

  • Sensitive to touch

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Stiff walk with an arched back

  • Fever, appetite loss and depression

If your dog has any of these symptoms, it is important to take them to the veterinarian. A number of blood tests and a urinalysis will be taken. These are used by the vet to assess if bacteria, parasites and fungi are present in the bloodstream. The vet can also draw fluid from affected joints to assess the disease.

Prevention Tips :

Beside the lyme disease in dogs cure, there are some prevention tips. After a dog has been diagnosed with Lyme disease, they must have their physical activity controlled so their joints can heal to the best of their ability, your dog will most likely be given an antibiotic to take for four weeks.

Unfortunately, some dogs have joint problems for the rest of their lives after being infected by Lyme disease which is why it is important to prevent or detect it as soon as possible. Prevention of Lyme disease isn’t always easy; however, you can try your hardest by:


  • Not allow your dog to roam in ticks environments which include moist and humid areas and areas with much vegetables.

  • Groom your dog and check for ticks daily.

  • There are a variety of sprays, collar and other products that help to kill and repel ticks. Most of these can be found in stores but you should always talk to a veterinarian before trying a product on your pet.

Lyme Disease in Dogs Cure :

Once you have find some symptoms, take the dog straight to the doctor immediately for lyme disease in dogs cure. The vet will diagnose the dog and give him the right medication for lyme disease in dogs cure. Don’t wait a while to take the dog for the vet. The Lyme disease can easily spread to human too and in last stages it can even kill the dog.

When for lyme disease in dogs cure not done promptly and correctly, the damage caused by Lyme disease in your dog can be serious. When you suspect that your dog has Lyme disease, you need to immediately follow these steps in order to  lyme disease in dogs cure.

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To play your role, in the first place, you need to be aware of what signs you need to be looking out for. The most common early signs can be sore legs of your lyme disease infected dog. There can also be lymph nodes swelling and there can also be high temperature.

Restlessness :

Restlessness or, the opposite, lack of energy can be signs that indicate your dog is feeling something abnormal. It can be nothing and a simple infection. But, it can also be something serious and needs immediate treatment.

Veterinarian Checkup :

The first thing that you should do is to get the help of a veterinarian. Your veterinarian will be able to rule out or confirm the presence of Lyme disease in your dog. First, blood tests will be ordered. This will help determine if your dog is infected with lyme disease or another condition. This is important as your dog might have conditions involving its leg or joint.

Physical Assessment : 

Physical assessment will also be performed. Your dog will be inspected for wounds and other problems on its skin. There will be a need also to palpate its trunk and extremities. Proper and correct inspection will help to ensure that the correct diagnosis is made.

Proper Management :

Proper management techniques will be applied if the condition is confirmed before taking active measures to lyme disease in dogs cure.

And when it is confirmed that your pet has the condition, you need to become aware of the things that will be done to your pet to help lyme disease in dogs cure.

Follow-up Checkups :

Follow-up veterinarian checkups will be scheduled to determine if your pet is responding to the treatment as planned. As the owner, it will be your responsibility to observe your dog for its reaction to the treatment measures used.

If you see something which you feel is not supposed to be, talk to your veterinarian. Actually, before you can go home with your pet, it will be better if you can be aware of what signs to look out for and what will be the expected positive response by your pet.