Siamese Cats Personality And Behavior

Siamese cats are often high maintenance, more so than most house cats. Don’t let this put you off, because when it involves pure breeds, they’re no higher maintenance. In fact, they’re tons less trouble than a number of the long haired breeds just like the Persian cat  which needs brushing and brushing a day .

What does high maintenance mean? Unlike the Persian cat  Siamese cats have an in depth short coat and although many sort of a brush they will take care of their own coats. This also applies to the long-haired Siamese called the Balinese or Javanese  they need a simple to manage longer silky coat.

Where they are doing require more attention is within the mental and psychological area. Without that focus , they’re going to become unhappy, and an unhappy Siamese cat spells trouble. Shredded furniture and curtains, territory marking and self harming by coitus interrupts their own fur, only for starters.

Siamese are obsessively loyal. Siamese are smart, although there’s the occasional exception or maybe it’s just pretending Siamese cats are often talkative, they appear to know you albeit they prefer to be a touch deaf sometimes . Siamese kittens  have character, no bland and boring snooze cat here. Siamese cats give and expect to receive.

Siamese Cats Behavior

Siamese are a really old breed and over time people have realized that its differences don’t stop at their unusual markings and blue eyes. Physically the Siamese cat is slimmer, more elongated with a narrow face and longer legs than most house cats.

When it involves behavior the Siamese may be a full-on cat. A Siamese are often very excellent and yes, quite naughty .

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Siamese cats are often very clever and protracted and can do whatever it takes to undertake to rule the roost and obtain their own way. they’re going to try quite hard to rule you too so lookout . A spoiled Siamese isn’t always good company.

Unlike most cats they will be quite clumsy, although many will argue that this is often done intentionally to urge noticed. It certainly works. This naughty behavior is at its worst around feeding time – or a minimum of when your Siamese things it’s feeding time.

As you’ll see the Siamese isn’t a shy person and should not be the right cat for all people. On the opposite hand, its naughty behavior is balanced by a really loving nature and most of them just want to cuddle up to their chosen special person.

Counterbalancing the naughtiness is that the Siamese’s “sense of humor” – that’s right, they will easily cause you to laugh with their antics, their deductive skills, their effort to anticipate you, and their extreme, unbelievable jealousy.Once you’ve got had one, you merely can’t imagine a home without a Siamese in residence.