Signs of a Pregnant Cat – Weekly Symptoms Chart

Are you concerning about Signs of a Pregnant Cat? If you are the owner of unspayed cat and you are not an experienced professional cat breeder, you would be wise to have her spayed so as to prevent any unwanted pregnancies.

Should you think that she is fertile and has been in contact with an un-neutered tom, you will need to know the signs of a pregnant cat. It is not  immediately apparent that your cat is pregnant and the first sign that you may notice is that she is not going through her regular heat cycle. If situation at this position, she is almost definitely pregnant.

Signs of a Pregnant Cat :

Below are the most common signs of a pregnant cat.

Her Nipples :

One of the major signs of a pregnant cat which shows itself quite early is a noticeable difference in her nipples. The nipples will become slightly swollen and take on a pink shade in color. This is called ‘pinking’ as is  normal when a cat is pregnant. They should not be sore or scratched.

Hunger :

 Your cat will  become more hungry than normal and  become more interested in her meal. This is a natural right to provide nutrition for her growing kittens.

Sickness :

sickness is another one of the most noticeable signs of a pregnant cat. Just like humans, you cat may suffer from some morning sickness at regular basis. This is one of the normal signs of a pregnant cat and, unless it becomes severe, there is no need for concern.

You only have to contact your veterinarian for checkup if you feel that this is causing any trauma or if you feel that your cat is becoming dehydrated or malnourished as a result.

Swollen Abdomen :

If you have not find any of these above signs of a pregnant cat and are still unaware that your cat is pregnant, a swollen abdomen when the fifth week of her pregnancy may show you a definite clue.

Behavior Changes :

 One of the other major signs of a pregnant cat is possible cat behavioral changes. Just like humans, a cat will start preparing for the new arrivals and show signs of nesting. They may start looking for places to give birth.

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It is a good idea to see where she is looking out as when pregnant, they do have a habit of having their litter in some pretty strange places. It would be wise to have an idea what plans she has. It would be very awful to close a cupboard door whent she is inside!

 Behavioral changes may also include an increase in her affection. You may find that she is closer to you and a little clingy. Give her plenty of attention as she may be feeling a little worried about the changes, especially if this is her first litter.

Once you have found the signs of a pregnant cat and you are confident with your experiences, it is not always necessary to take her to the veterinarian surgery for birth.

If you feel that she is healthy, strong and well, her pregnancy period is moving along without any complication you will just need to make sure that she has plenty of healthy food and water and is happy and healthy.

Weekly Symptoms :

Listed below is a basic timetable of pregnant cats to enable you to detect the signs of a pregnant cat.

o Week 3 :

The nipples of your pregnant cat will begin to enlarge and become pinkish shade in color. There will be no signs of swelling in her belly during this period.

o Week 4 :

During 4th week, your cat’s belly will begin to swell slightly. This swelling will also be more visible in her nipples.

o Week 5 :

It is advised by many cat breeder experts that you consult your vet for a growth formula for your cat. This will help to solve the increased diet of your pregnant cat.

o Week 6 : 

During 6th week, the pregnancy of your cat becomes obvious and visible. The signs of a pregnant cat will now include behavior . he will start moving around with self care.She will avoid  Body stretching and twisting actions , and if she generally moving outdoors, you may find that she will prefer to remain indoor places. Her appetite will also continue to increase throughout the sixth week.

o Week 7 :

One of the biggest signs of a pregnant cat is their behavior changes. She will start to show signs of excitement in this week. This behavior is referred to as “quickening”, and it the stage of the cat pregnancy when the fetus begins to move.

She will  roll and and body stretch and start to search for a delivery. Due to this, it is advised to keep your cat indoor at this time to ensure that she does not make her nest outdoor places.

o Day 61 :

Delivery process can begin as early as 61 days and as late as 70 days.

The symptoms during labor will include:

o Stage 1 :

Your cat will  show signs of restlessness, and begin growling or purring rhythmically. This behavior can stay for some hours or maximum 24 hours.

o Stage 2 :

She will now begin with the contractions. The contractions  in start may be once every half hour or even more. The contractions will then gradually begin to become more frequent until just before the first baby cat is born. The contractions will then repeat every 30 seconds. The cat may continue to growl and repeatedly

lick her vaginal area to stimulate the arrival of the remaining kittens.

It can take as long as 24 hours before all of her kittens are born, especially if she is having a large litter. Four is the typical size of a litter for a cat.

Therefore, recognizing the symptoms of pregnant cat is of great importance, to ensure that she remains healthy during the complete process.