The Best Food for Parakeets – What to Feed a Budgie

The leading food of Parakeets is typically grass seeds. However, mostly parakeets thrive well on a diet of seeds, millets, whole grain breads and sprouts. A balance diet provides all essential nutrients and keeps the parakeets well nourished and also prevents obesity as against a diet exclusively on seeds.

Place the seeds into a flat dish in order that it’s easy for removal The feeding are often done once each day . Seeds which haven’t been eaten by the parakeets are often reused. Just pass the feeding dish to get rid of the husk then top up the remaining seeds.

parakeets also love coriander leaves and greens. Beetroot, spinach, lettuce and cabbage can also tend . Put these leaves into the cage and watch the parakeets tear them up into little bits as they eat them. Give only fresh leaves as old or refrigerated leaves may cause digestion problems for the parakeets. Remove any leftovers from the cage.

Foods Don’t Give

Do not give Avocados, chocolates, apple seeds, coffee, tea, tomato leaves, peach seeds, eggplant, peanuts, etc to your parakeets as these contain substances which may convince be toxic to the parakeets.

Water For Parakeets

parakeets need water everyday. Keep a continuing supply of water within the cage. Replace the water if it’s become soiled. Special water dispensers fitted to birds are available. This prevents the water from getting soiled.

parakeets descend in large groups over water bodies. They like to bath. you’ll keep a shallow bow of water and watch them bathe. Bathing water are often provided twice every week .

Cuttle Bone For Parakeets

female parakeets need calcium as they lay eggs. Calcium deficiency can cause a dangerous condition called egg binding in female parakeets where the eggs, having soft shells thanks to lack of calcium, grind to a halt within the vent, causing death.

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Hence, it’s vital that the diet the parakeets eat contains tons of calcium. The Cuttle bone may be a common source of calcium. Cuttle bone because the name suggests comes from the cuttlefish. it’s available altogether pet stores. The cuttle bone could also be placed inside the cage. Some pet owners like better to crush the cuttlebone into powder and increase the parakeets’ food.

You can also provide other  calcium  sources for your parakeets like broken eggshells and commercial calcium supplements which are available in the markets.

Another alternative would be to use mineral blocks. Mineral blocks are supplements which contain calcium also as other ingredients like phosphorus, zinc, Iron, Magnesium, etc necessary for the health of the budgie.