What Is Better For Dog Hair Wraps | Paper Or Plastic?

Best in Show is one of the most requested awards in the field of dog shows, but under a pristine appearance and perfect posture lies a beloved pet. Show Moms and Dads spend countless hours preparing and protecting their show canines using techniques such as hair wrapping.

Dogs will be dogs

Dogs will be dogs and hair wraps are mainly used to keep this old saying true. Romping and playing can break and damage the hair of a beloved show dog, but it’s hard to expect your princess to act like a lady in waiting until the showtime goes away again.

The art of wrapping protects the hair during play, helps avoid the mat and keeps the coat free of food residue, elements and daily trips outside to take care of the business.

Paper or plastic

Paper or plastic? It’s not just a talking bagger at the local market; It is a decision to show dog owners a face when choosing the right materials to wrap your dog’s valuable coat.

During the packaging process, the hair is cut and rolled into paper or plastic packaging and then secured with an elastic band. The plastic is durable and protects the hair from damage caused by elastic bands, but does not allow the hair to breathe, which is essential for hair growth and health.

Just as troubling is the possibility that your dog may nibble on the plastic, especially when it becomes acclimatized to the art of packaging.

The rice is nice

Many owners of show dogs turn to a paper alternative for packaging purposes. Rice paper is a thin edible paper that can be easily shaped and handled into packaging.

While some owners use donut paper because of its durability and reasonable price, rice paper is longer, which is useful when the show dog is nearing full growth.

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Rice paper allows the hair to breathe, which promotes growth and improves the quality and appearance of hair, especially as the season approaches.

It’s a wrap

Keeping a princess clean and ready is easier with the right tools, materials and knowledge. If in doubt about packaging, contact your little diva’s groomer for tips and products to get the most out of this technique.

If you see noticeable differences in your coat of your show, it may mean that the trip to the groom is in her immediate future, and if you suspect she has eaten on something that may not be food. she must visit a veterinarian immediately. While a trip to a vet or groomer can’t be compared to a strut on a pier, relying on professionals when you need them is always best.