What Is Cat Allergy, Symptoms And How to Treat a Cat Allergy

Vision Infection

When you want to examine  cat allergy regarding eye vision you should look to see if the surface of the eye is clear and not cloudy.

Also you have to see if the pupil constricts by shining light on it and if there is any sign of cloudy eyes then the chances are your pet may be developing cataracts.

Liver Disease

Liver disease can be detected by looking at the whites of the eye surrounding the pupil and if this is more yellow than white then your feline as liver problems.

Ear Infection

An ear infection can be detected if your little tiger keeps shaking their heads which is not usual.The outside of their ears which is called the pinna should be light pink and fairly flat.
If there is any thickening then it indicates a cat allergy or an infection or a blood blister.

Around the ear you can check if they have black debris which indicates mites and if this is the case you should clean them out using a safe home remedy.


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How To Treat Cat Allergy

You can use half and half mixture of water and vinegar and put this on the black debris.

You then need cotton wool to clean out the area until all is clear.

Another home alternative is soaking garlic in olive oil for 12 hours.

Then putting six drops, twice daily for 8 days.

Any discharge from the nostrils is often an allergic reaction to something and they will benefit from a hypoallergenic diet.

You will need


  • One cup of canned tuna in fish oil.

  • A cup of cooked white rice.

  • A tablespoon of cod liver oil.

  • A half teaspoon of tums.

  • A quarter teaspoon of potassium chloride.

  • Half a tablet of one a day vitamins.

  • 500 mg of taurine.

You should mix together and serve two and a half cups per meal, twice daily.

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