When Do Dogs Stop Chewing? Causes and Solutions

Are you concerned about when do dogs stop chewing? It’s not a big secret that dogs love to chew. However, dogs have sharp teeth, so it is natural for you to be concerned when your dog keeps chewing excessively. It is a bad habit, and many dog owners want to know how to stop their dogs from chewing. To stop this dog chewing behavior, you must first be aware of some of the more common reasons for this problem.

Dog’s Chewing Habit

Chewing is a natural dog behavior that often starts in the early stage of a dog’s life when a dog starts to teethe. Chewing can be a habit that your dog repeats because of some issue like boredom, anxiety, or even frustration. It does not matter why your dog chews. This chewing behavior can be dangerous to your dog and can very frustrating and expensive for you.

Why Do Dogs Chew?

01– The majority of dogs have an innate craving to chew. It is enjoyable, it keeps them occupied, and it is rewarding, reinforcing action, e.g., when your dog is chewing something that pleases its taste buds.

02– Dogs also chew to satisfy nervous, bored, or lonely emotions. To a restless dog, chewing’s monotonous act is comforting – it is similar to humans and comfort food.

03– Dogs that do not get enough exercise regularly use chewing to burn up nervous energy and give themselves something to do.

 When Do Dogs Stop Chewing?  Effective Solutions

Chewing is a behavior, not a health issue, so if your question is, when do dogs stop chewing? You have to follow some tips to stop dogs chewing habit. Below are some practical solutions to this problem.

Stop Dogs From Chewing By Making House Chew-proof 

It would be the first step in addressing your dog’s chewing problem. Put items you don’t want to be destroyed far from their reach. Common chewing targets in the home include books, shoes, garbage, eye-wear, clothing, cell phones, remote controls, and small crunchy appliances like cameras.

Get a small cabinet to store your shoes, for example. If they can’t see it, then he wouldn’t touch it! Take control of the situation by not making the things you don’t want to destroy your dog.

Stop Dogs From Chewing By Vet Trip

 Refer your dog to your friendly veterinarian. If you suspect that the chewing is due to dental problems, consult with your vet to get the dental problem corrected, therefore stopping the chewing. You can tell if your dog has a dental problem if it chews mainly on the side of its mouth, has noticeable tarter build up on the teeth, and it has bad breath.

They may even hesitate to eat even if they are hungry. It’s a good thing for dogs to be examined by a veterinarian to evaluate dental problems and stop them from chewing the wrong things.

Stop Dogs From Chewing By Providing Alternatives

Provide your dog with lots of tasty alternative stuff to chew. They are naturally curious about the things around your house. That’s why they chew anything they can. If you leave them alone without any supervision, give it a nice place to room around with plenty of toys to play with and chew.

Remember, most dogs need to chew; if she’s a puppy, her needs will be even more pronounced. Go on a toy and chew shopping spree, then provide two or three to play. Replace the available toys every few days to keep things interesting for her.

Stop Dogs From Chewing By Playing

 Take your dog for a walk or play ball with him. They get bored too, and chewing is their way of expressing their boredom or loneliness. Take them out for walks or play ball daily. Provide your dog with various toys to chew on and play with to stop him from chewing things he is not supposed to chew.

You can also give him/her obedience training to learn more techniques to stop his chewing problems. Boredom stimulates chewing, and if you know how to give your dog the needed attention, destructive chewing can be avoided.

Stop Dogs From Chewing By Praising

 Make it a habit always to Praise your dog for doing the right thing. When you teach them not to chew anything around the house or correct any behavioral problems, giving praise or treats can stop him from chewing and other problems.

When you see your dog approaching an item, he should not touch immediately, say NO!, make a loud shout, or clap your hands to connect with the dog. Then immediately give him his tasty chew food or toys. Using the word NO!, making a loud noise, or clapping your hands repeatedly will give your dog the idea that his actions are inappropriate.

Stop Dogs From Chewing By Using A Bit Of Confinement

Before you allow your dog to run freely around your house, you first need to teach him some basic rules. By confining him to one place (you can either buy a crate or separate part of a room with a baby gate), you will be able to speed up the toilet training process (as dogs do not soil their ‘dens’) control his chewing habits.

Throw in a bunch of chew toys such as Kong (which can be stuffed with dog food and snacks and will provide your pet with hours of fun) and let him get used to playing with them. There is a very high chance that when you finally trust your dog and let him see the rest of the house, he will not try to look for new things to chew as the toys he already has provided him with enough entertainment.

Stop Dogs From Chewing By Making Them Busy

A great way to stop dogs from chewing is to make them tired by introducing obedience training. You can either sign your pet up for an obedience class or try teaching him some basic obedience commands by yourself.

The first option is better for people who like to be told what to do instead of researching the subject independently and seeing the first results fast. Combination of mental and physical efforts that obedience training offers will make your dog exhausted, and it is highly likely that, after you bring him back home, he will end up sleeping instead of chewing things.

Stop Dogs From Chewing With A Bit Of Common Sense

This last method to stop dogs from chewing is the simplest one, but it can work miracles. It is an excellent supplement to the previous tips and is very easy to implement. You can limit the damage done to your favorite shoes, CD covers, and other small items by hiding them from your dog or putting them somewhere he cannot reach. 

Make sure not to give your pet anything from your wardrobe that would serve as a chewing toy (e.g., old boots) because he will get used to your smell and look for more things that smell the same way future. 

To protect your furnishings, you can cover their legs with a strong-smelling substance such as cayenne pepper or Tabasco sauce, as it will repel your dog. If implemented correctly, these few tips will help you stop dogs from chewing in a matter of days.

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Remember that chewing is a normal and healthy activity of dogs; it’s their natural behavior. Chewing though can become destructive and annoying, which is entirely unnecessary. 

Owners must understand that their dogs may be chewing to soothe their sore teething gums, trying to relieve tension and anxiety, are bored, and maybe having dental problems. The above list is the top 5 ways to help stop your dog from chewing.