Why Do Cat Meows All The Time? Stopping Constant Meowing

Do you want to know why do cat meows all the time? When it comes to our furry felines, the occasional meow can be cute and adorable. But when it becomes excessive, this can be an issue. Loud crying in the middle of the night is one of the most frequent complaints owners have, and as it turns out, is a very common problem.

 Cats have roughly 100 vocal sounds and reserve all of them to communicate with their owners. It can take some time, but

if you listen to the different sounds of meow, you’ll begin to pick up what each sound means (much

like the baby’s different weeping sounds). They usually meow to ask something.

Reasons Behind Why Do Cat Meows All The Time

There is no simple answer to the question–why do cats meow all the time? The only way to honestly explain it, at least somewhat, is to go into greater detail; cats are complex animals and will use their vocalization to signify many different things, not just one.

Before you do anything about your cat’s meowing all the time, you need to figure out the reason behind Why Do cat meows all the time, one that can become serious if no steps are taken to treat it. Here are some most common causes of cat meows all the time:

1- Need Attention

One of the primary reasons why cats meow all the time is that they want your attention. Some cat breeds are more independent than others, but some will genuinely crave human attention. Even the independent cats will sometimes come around looking for some interaction from time to time.

If the meowing is within an acceptable level and you don’t mind the occasional lick, whisker nuzzle and lap time. This meowing is not a problem, however in some cats, the meowing can get out of control, and other times the meowing is trying to signal something much more than just your average garden situation.

Health Issue

Sometimes a cat meows because they are sick or in pain; you have to listen with a very discerning ear. Many people cannot tell the difference but know that it pays close attention to your cat and how they vocalize themselves because it can clue you into all sorts of problems. They can have hormonal problems, kidney problems, fleas, or an injury. So always listen carefully when your cat is “speaking” to you.


Cats will also meow when they are thirsty or hungry; sometimes, they are simply saying to you, “Hey, where’s my dinner? I’m starved”. You should tell if this is the reason just by knowing your cat’s little habits, but don’t succumb to this pressure and feed your cat every time they meow; otherwise, they will pack on the pounds, and that’s not healthy at all.

Need Help

Most cats meow when they want the owner to do something for them, and most cat owners recognize this meow. It is mostly loud and insistent and can mean, “I am hungry or thirsty,” “Empty my litter box,” “I want to go outside the house,” or “I want to come inside the room.” When you fulfill the “command,” whatever the meow sound, the meaning is that they want you to do something else for them.

How To Stopping  Meowing

First of all, make sure your cat isn’t meowing all the time due to an illness or physical problem. Cat do meows all the time to

communicate with the owner, not just to ask for things; health problems should be monitored on a priority basis.

Cats who meow constantly are doing so because they’re trying to inform you about something. Please remember that your cat doesn’t meow all the time to annoy you, and the quicker you can figure out the

reasons for the noise, the quicker it will stop. Here a few things you can try:

Feed Regularly

Feed your cat at set times table/regular intervals so they can wait when they’re next going to eat food. You can also try to provide dry cat food/biscuits so that your cat can eat whenever they get hungry. However, if your cat tends to over-feed, this may not be wise.

Install A Cat Flap

 Mostly the cats can never make up their minds if they want to be in or outside.  If your cat always comes in and out, a cat flap is a great choice. They are relatively cheap and easy to install, and you buy ones that are magnetized so only cats can get in.


Sometimes a cat meows all the time because she wants some attention and affection from the owner. Play with your cat often to keep her free from feeling lonely or neglect.


 Don’t let your cat drive you behind with excessive meowing – take charge. Eventually, your feline friend will realize that meowing constantly will get them nowhere. Please remember to praise your cat and give them extra attention when they’re not meowing.

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So, what’s the best action to deal with this behavior? Well, just like with your children (if you have any), the best way to deal with this is to ignore it. If you continue to ignore this self-centered behavior, then the behavior will go away on its own.

And just like rearing a child, you must have an iron will. You’re doing your cat a favor by allowing them some independence; think of it that way, and it will be much easier to stick to your guns.

As you can see, there are many reasons why cats meow all the time, not just one. If you have a good loving relationship with your cat and you listen carefully, you will very likely be able to tell what your cat is signaling, and that is a precious thing to their health and well being.