Why Do Dogs Bite, Protect Yourself And Your Family From Dog Biting, 10 Useful Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know

Not being educated and pet owners not being committed on training their pet is what leads to most of these dog bites. We must realize that dogs don’t normally become a part of our families already trained.

Why Do Dogs Bite?

1. They will bite if scared, angry or threatened. Even a dog that friendly will bite.

2. If dog feels he’s cornered or crowded.

3. They will protect what they think belongs to them. Like their food and toys.

4. Dogs will protect their space such as sleeping area, yard, porch, cars and home.

5. Dogs are predatory by nature and love to chase and attack.

6. A stray dog may feel upset being lost or hurt and bite with a lot less provocation.

7. A dog being startled may lash out and bite.

How to Protect Yourself And Your Family From Dogs Bite

1. Teaching young children to be careful around pets. Don’t allow children to play rough or allow puppies to bite. Not even play biting.

2. Teach your children never get close to strange dogs.

3. Leave a dogs things alone like food, toys, bones etc.

4. Most injuries are caused by getting too close to a dogs face with your own.

5. Re-fain from running past a dog. They love to chase. Avoid getting a dog excited or aggressive, by yelling and screaming.

6. You never want to pet a dog that eating, sleeping or caring for its puppies.

7. Stay away from dogs that are tied up or in cars.

8. You should always ask permission from a pet owner to pet his dog. Even if he’s present and the dog’s on a leash.

9. Refrain from swinging your arms or things you have at a dog. It may think its an invitation to bite.

10. You should never pet stray dogs or ones running loose.

Its great to have a dog go on a hike or walk on a trail with you but we humans need to treat dogs with respect. Just remember to teach your children how act around dogs, it will keep them safe.